Monday, April 26, 2021

My Favorite Things: A Stamped Hamsa Tag With Handmade Beads

I don't know what took me so long to order Gwen Lafluer's "India" PaperArtsy stamp set...maybe its just that she has so many beautiful stamp sets to choose from! The set has features completely hand-drawn designs based on Gwen's travels and the motifs and textiles of India. I was especially drawn to the hamsa, an open right hand, an image used as a sign of protection and good fortune.

I used the large size manila shipping tag from Gwen's online shop, and cut a piece of coffee dyed watercolor paper to fit, then and added white acrylic through a stencil from my new collection.

The partially embossed hamsa stamp, before heating, on top of my "dobbie" design from the ATC mixup stencil.

Naturally the first stamp I used was the hamsa. If you're in New York, the Ink Pad NYC carries the India stamp set as well as lots of Gwen's stamps and stencils. 

I stamped the tag with VersaMark embossing ink, then sprinkled Seth Apter's Patina Oxide Baked Texture embossing powder, then zapped it with a heatgun. Magic!

Stamps were added one at a time to the stenciled base, building the design until the entire tag was covered.

I continued adding other stamps from the set. To fill in a couple empty spaces, when I was almost done, I added dots with an embossing pen, and a little diamond from the Tribal Faces stamp set.

For extra warmth and depth, I swiped the tag with an ink called "pumpkin pie," a delicious caramel color.

After auditioning lots of beads and trim to embellish the tag, I settled on some thick Dresden gold for the bottom, a cinnamon-colored sari silk for the top, my own handmade beads, and a faux coin from a Turkmen parts packet. I "grunged-up" both the Dresden gold trim and the faux coin by dabbing on sepia ink, aqua paint, and rust-colored paint until they looked worn and old.

This piece reminds me of the song from The Sound of Music, My Favorite Things. I used my favorite watercolor paper, favorite coffee dye, my own stencil design, my new favorite India-inspired stamps, my favorite Seth Apter embossing powder, my favorite Dresden gold trim, sari silk in an earth cinnamon color, and several of my handmade beads.

Here's a few closeups so you can see the delicious textures and colors.


1 comment: said... have certainly captured the essences of India in the completed work of art. BRAVO!