Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend ATC Work

ATCs were on the agenda this weekend. I made three batches: first, I altered a Ralph Lauren cologne ad, along with a Marc Jacobs cologne ad, and made a dozen ATCs for my ArtsInTheCards group. Next, I made some ATCs about love for Lisa Fulmer's facebook ATC trade using coffee-dyed waxed rice paper embedded with Hawaiian floral matter [thanks Sonja]. Last, but surely not least, I made some reiki healing ATCs. I incorporated the antahkarana (probably spelling it wrong...I should know by now but still mess it up) and the healing color purple. I used 3 purple fabrics: a)a piece of soft purple corduroy from my daughter Amanda's old favorite shirt b)some purple soy batik I made a few years ago that I was saving for a special project and c)purple fabric that I printed at spoonflower as part of my Visioning project. I designed the fabric using 12 major world religious symbols in a circle around my personal symbol, a leaf, an image that I constantly doodle and shows up in much of my work.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet ATC Valentine Triptych

A while back I posted a photo of a Bloomingdale's Christmas catalogue that I distressed in places using NevrDull. I cut shapes out of removable floppy diskette labels and removed them after I distressed the paper...some of the shapes were hearts, and the artwork was red, orange and pink, so I decided to cut it into pieces that were ATC sized for one of my Valentine's trades. The ATCs were a little dull, so I decided to put 3 together into a triptych. That was not bad, but still dull, so I added stitching and a couple of grommets that I threaded pink satin ribbon through. Now it definitely says sweetness, love and romance to me. They are going to a small trade group, and should arrive just in time for Valentine's Day.