I am a mixed media artist, textile designer, magazine/newspaper layout designer, art quilter and writer/editor living in the heart of New York City.

I started out as a teacher, with a BS in Elementary Education/Art from SUNY Oneonta. Teaching elementary school really wasn't a good fit, so I went back to school and studied Textile Design at FIT. That WAS a great fit, and I worked as a print stylist for Leon B. Rosenblatt, a fabric manufacturer in New York's fashion district, for many years. A few years ago I designed my own line of fabrics, which are available on spoonflower.

I love all kinds of art, and have tried watercolor, weaving, sculpture, pastel portraits, silkscreen printing, greeting card design, and more. I love sewing, occasionally crochet, almost never knit, and once in a while, putter with hand needle-felting. I love art journaling, and especially enjoy designing and constructing my own handmade journals. I also love to incorporate recycled materials into my art, and like making ordinary, useful items beautiful--particularly recycled shoe boxes.

After the birth of my daughter, I left the fabric business and went into newspaper layout design, learning about writing and editing along the way. I worked for a long-term care hospital in New York for many years, writing, editing and designing their monthly newsletter, quarterly magazine, assisting with Public Affairs, and performing whatever other creative duties came my way. Recently I shifted to another hospital location and work as a client navigator, and am part of the Guest Relations staff, helping improve the Patient Experience in a very busy multicultural, urban hospital.

With the first Tommy Award for Children's Wear fabric design when I was a print stylist for Leon B. Rosenblatt Textiles.
Second Tommy Award for fabric design, Children's Wear.

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