Published Work

Excited and honored to have 36 of my pieces included in Just Mixed Media, Volume 4, 2018!


 Thrilled to have 5.5 pages in Just Mixed Media, Volume 3, 2018!

Honored to have my work included in 2017's Just Steampunk, Volume 10!


Here's an article about making folding ATC dolls, which was published in
Scrap & Stamp Artist, October 2016:

This is one of my favorite pieces of is even hanging on my living room wall!  It is from the Cloth Paper Scissors Stencil Challenge, and appeared in the May/June 2016 issue.

You can read about the process in creating this piece here:

In May 2016 Scott Publications launched a new publication, Just Swap Art. What a thrill to see many pages of my artwork inside the magazine, but also a couple pieces on the front cover!

My folding ATC doll in on the bottom left, and mini mandala in the top row.

Folding ATC dolls and rooster people with human heads

Painted and heat distressed beaded inchies.

Mini mandal and tags

Assorted tags

Some of my favorite ATCs

More ATCs

In February 2016, the premier issue of Scott Publication's new magazine Just Mixed Media was published, and I was thrilled to have my work on three and 1/2 pages. Here's the links to the blogposts:

Two page spread in Just Mixed Media, showing my handmade journals and journal pages.

Folding ATC paper doll "waif."

Faux raku storage container, from a recycled Body Shop Body Butter jar.

Cover of the premier issue of Just Mixed Media.
You can find a series of seven of my mixed media works in Cate Prato's book Mixed Media Self Portraits, an article in ClothPaperScissors Magazine called "Painting out the Panic", two journal quilts in the book 1000 Artist Journal Pages, art quilts in Quilting Arts magazine and my steampunk paperdolls in Just Steampunk II.
Dreaming of Fashion, published in Quilting Arts Magazine.
The dress (above) is made from six of my own fabric designs,
which are available for sale on

Broken Chakra Girl, published in
1000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol.

My art quilt called "Eye of Panic" in included in the book Quilts in the Attic by Karen Musgrave. The quilt was part of the Sacred Threads exhibit, and appeared in the magazine Machine Quilting Unlimited. "Eye of Panic" is also scheduled to appear, along with the story behind the making of the quilt, in a new book called Quilts and Health, due out in 2017.

Eye of Panic, published in
Machine Quilting Unlimited and
Karen Musgrave's book Quilts in the Attic.
Mime, one of 7 self portraits in
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Prato

Third Eye, from
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Prato
Innocence, from
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Prato
Lost, from
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Prato
Psychadelic, from
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Prato
Scary, from
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Pratao
Twisted, from
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Prato
Warhol, from
Mixed Media Self Portraits by Cate Prato

Three Steampunk Paper Dolls,
published in Just Steampunk II

First Art Quilt Self Portrait, from my article
Painting Out the Panic, Cloth Paper Scissors

Egyptian Dreamer,
Quilting Arts "Doorway Challenge"
Pantihose and the Pope, a journal quilt, appeared in
1000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol.

The piece, which has the appearance of a happy scrapbook page,
includes a poem, printed on sheer silk, which recounts the
trauma of a home invasion on May 13, 1981,
the same day the Pope was shot.

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Jackie P Neal said...

I had no idea you had been published so many times and the pieces I just looked at are out of this world! Why oh why don't you have your own gallery showing?? Your artwork is truly worthy of this!!I believe you should look into this Linda!