Paper Dolls for Big Girls

The little girl in me loves making paper dolls. It is therapy, it's fun, it makes me feel really young and carefree. It also is a great way to use up scraps...all those special little bits that are too pretty to throw away, and too small to really do much with. Here's a few of my favorites:

Drizella, the ugly stepsister, for the theme "favorite storybook character."

Frida Kahlo Santos Cage Doll

Santos Cage Dolls With Dina Wakley Heads
Angel Warrior Doll

Turn of the 20th Century Zetti Bather-female

Turn of the 20th Century Zetti Bather-male

Verdigiri Inspired Doll

Geisha-inspired Doll

Back to School Linnie ala 1967

Merman & Mermaid

Vintage Halloween Girl with Removable Cat Mask

Indigo Girls
ATC Doll

Teen With Attitude

Steampunk Dolls, "Just Steampunk, Vol. 2"
Tea & Lace Doll


Barb said...

OMG! I LURV your paper dolls!!! I also love making them but have been out of the loop lately. Perhaps we could trade one day?

Barb said... blog is

you might like to check it out but bear in mind I have been out of action for a few years...but am waiting for the hot weather to go somewhere else so I can get into my upstairs studio!

Renee said...

This are a wonderful representation of your work! Love them all.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Barb, my friend Jackie is starting a paperdoll trade group. Let me know if you are interested...I don’t have your email address

Darlene Campbell said...

Hi Linda, Hello! Your dolls were some of the first I saw and loved. I will see you in Jackie's Paper Doll Swap! Cheers-