Paper Dolls for Big Girls

The little girl in me loves making paper dolls. It is therapy, it's fun, it makes me feel really young and carefree. It also is a great way to use up scraps...all those special little bits that are too pretty to throw away, and too small to really do much with. Here's a few of my favorites:

Frida Kahlo Santos Cage Doll

Santos Cage Dolls With Dina Wakley Heads

Turn of the 20th Century Zetti Bather-female

Turn of the 20th Century Zetti Bather-male

Verdigiri Inspired Doll

Geisha-inspired Doll

Back to School Linnie ala 1967
Merman & Mermaid

Vintage Halloween Girl with Removable Cat Mask

Indigo Girls
ATC Doll

Teen With Attitude

Steampunk Dolls, "Just Steampunk, Vol. 2"

Tea & Lace Doll

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