Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reiki & Scrappy Quilt

This quilt is almost done, just needs some kind of edging. I took apart the design that is in a previous post and put in blocks of "scrappy" fabric, which I make by plopping a pile of very small leftover fabric pieces, yarn and thread onto clear, watersoluble stabilizer, making a sandwich of it, and stitching over it every which way. You wash out the stabilizer in cold water, and usually something attractive results. The quilt is made from commercial fabrics, combined with my own soy batiks, as well as the scrappy. It has the reiki healing symbol...I haven't decided if I should use it on a wall or as a small blanket or giant pillow during a reiki session. And yes, I know it is a little lopsided and my stitiching is seriously in need of help, but it is my first time trying this design...maybe I need to collaborate with someone with techincal expertise and a longarm quilting machine...and more patience than me. Any takers?

Reiki-Inspired ArtQuilts

I often try to incorporate reiki healing images into my work. These pieces are unfinished. I will post the finished photos eventually. I worked with two reiki images--the Antahkarana, which is the purple cube-like symbol, which is the symbol of healing. The shade of purple is the color of healing.

The gold star shaped design is the North Pole Grid. I painted gold acrylic over a photo of the actual piece, which was placed at the North Pole by William Lee Rand. (you can read more about it at

The words around the gold star are the reiki prayer, that I try to start every morning and end every day with. The purple fabric is my own soy batik.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Humpty Dumpty ATC

My ATC group recently had a theme of "cracked." I chose Humpty Dumpty, who was famously cracked, and worked from a vintage children's book illustration. Check out the others on

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Fabrics, June 2010

I haven't had much time to work on my fabrics lately...May went by in a blur, with busy workdays and no time for art on my lunch hour, plus physical therapy after work for my rotator cuff. But, I did manage to work on a few new designs...all in the orange/yellow/red family for some reason.

For the Crane Dairy design, I scanned a cream...or maybe cottage cheese...bottle from my small collection of vintage bottles. (My mother's family's business many years ago). The clear bottle has an orange logo, but I flipped the darks and lights in photoshop, then step and repeated it in QuarkXpress.

The floral is my "Yellow New York Roses" that is a companion to my "Pink New York Roses" that is actually selling (!!!) on The red and orange is a blockprint I carved that I monkeyed around with in photoshop and Quark.