Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Go Green

I had such a good time experimenting with recycled materials for Quilting Arts Magazine's Go Green challenge. I went crazy grabbing rags from the cleaning bin and dying and splattering them, and saved all kinds of crazy things that were sewable. I sent in some pix to QA and they liked them so much that they used it in their on-line Embellishments newsletter. Here is a small assortment of the little pieces I did and also the 5" piece I did for the challenge. I used crazy things like beet juice, dribbled raspberries over muslin, painted coffee sleeves gold and sewed them on, wove vegetable netting with yarn and of course included my favorite thing: tyvek beads made from recycled fedex and usps envelopes (I paint the insides, cut them into long strips, roll over a toothpick, glue the tip and give it a quick blast with the heat gun.)

Studios Magazine

Guess who is going to be in the next issue of STUDIOS magazine? That would be me. I had to take a bunch of shots of my little basement studio...but first I had to move all the junk out of the corners and pretty it up. And of course I couldn't manage a picture of myself in the studio, so Amanda (my daughter [who will very soon no longer be a teenager] for those of you who don't know all the Wyatt household members) took the picture of me. I took the rest of the shots. Hope they aren't too blurry!

Well, I will probably just be one of many artists featured and not take up more than a page, but I am very honored to be included. Of course I nearly passed out when I got an e-mail from the editor asking me to be in it. And she wondered if I had already been featured in some other publication, which would disqualify me. Me, featured elsewhere? I am just a blip on the art world's radar screen at the moment. Well, maybe the article will propel me into the big league and suddenly my work will be worth a small fortune and I can buy that cottage on the ocean that I always wanted. The one with the gigantic studio where I spend all day in a creative frenzy and see fabulous sunsets each night as I sip my Cosmopolian on the veranda.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Broken Chakra Girl for SAQA

This is my 12"x12" piece for the Studio Artist Quilt Association fundraiser auction. It is a variation on the journal quilt, Broken Chakra Girl that was used is Sandra Sider's article in the British feminist publication n.paradoxa and was also featured in the book 1000 Artist Journal Quilts.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mixed Media Self Portrait Book

This is the cover of the book by Cate Prato that will be coming out this fall. I have 9 self portraits and about 2500 words in it. I am not allowed to post the artwork yet and spoil the surprise.