Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Go Green

I had such a good time experimenting with recycled materials for Quilting Arts Magazine's Go Green challenge. I went crazy grabbing rags from the cleaning bin and dying and splattering them, and saved all kinds of crazy things that were sewable. I sent in some pix to QA and they liked them so much that they used it in their on-line Embellishments newsletter. Here is a small assortment of the little pieces I did and also the 5" piece I did for the challenge. I used crazy things like beet juice, dribbled raspberries over muslin, painted coffee sleeves gold and sewed them on, wove vegetable netting with yarn and of course included my favorite thing: tyvek beads made from recycled fedex and usps envelopes (I paint the insides, cut them into long strips, roll over a toothpick, glue the tip and give it a quick blast with the heat gun.)

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