Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Studios Magazine

Guess who is going to be in the next issue of STUDIOS magazine? That would be me. I had to take a bunch of shots of my little basement studio...but first I had to move all the junk out of the corners and pretty it up. And of course I couldn't manage a picture of myself in the studio, so Amanda (my daughter [who will very soon no longer be a teenager] for those of you who don't know all the Wyatt household members) took the picture of me. I took the rest of the shots. Hope they aren't too blurry!

Well, I will probably just be one of many artists featured and not take up more than a page, but I am very honored to be included. Of course I nearly passed out when I got an e-mail from the editor asking me to be in it. And she wondered if I had already been featured in some other publication, which would disqualify me. Me, featured elsewhere? I am just a blip on the art world's radar screen at the moment. Well, maybe the article will propel me into the big league and suddenly my work will be worth a small fortune and I can buy that cottage on the ocean that I always wanted. The one with the gigantic studio where I spend all day in a creative frenzy and see fabulous sunsets each night as I sip my Cosmopolian on the veranda.

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