Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mystery Woman of the Flowers ATCs

I just finished these little ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). They are 2.5"x3.5". It is an original design I did with watercolor and colored pencil on Coquille paper. I scanned it and then sized it to an ATC and printed it on Avery cotton. I freehand quilted it by machine and added a zigzag edge. Beads and sequins were added and the edging embellished with gold dimensional fabric paint.


morningDove said...

hey I love these and think I am getting one? or did I send one of mine to you. Anyway I love yours.

needlewings said...

I so wanted one of your cards! But I knew it would be luck of the draw and I never have luck. lol Anyway, they are beautiful and inspirational! Wanda

Edzellinni said...

Wanda...I made extra, so you never know what might show up in your mailbox!