Sunday, September 6, 2009

Angelina Experiments

Inspired by the book Angelina, Between the Sheets, I tried my hand at working with the glimmery fiber. I started by trying to emboss my hand cut stamp designs into angelina fibers. It worked, but wasn't anything that wowed me. Next I tried cutting pieces of fused Angelina sheets, and ended up creating a checkerboard effect on black felt. Instead of sewing them on, I outlined them with squeezable gold fabric paint. I had some of my hand-rolled, recycled tyvek beads hanging around, and they just matched. The piece is unfinished, and it is temporarily pinned to a background of torn tissue fabric.


Amanda said...

Guess who has a blogspot account now? We're doing a shared blog for my psychology class, so here I am.

sonja said...

Linda, i really like the pink as a contrast and perhaps a smaller band of it as border before a bindng would be a possible finish.
i love your rolled beads,too.
Hi Amanda!