Monday, August 2, 2010

I finally finished the reiki healing quilt. Took me a while to get around to edging it. I used a commercial batik that seemed to go with the fabric, and patches of my own purple soy batik in the corners. I have been using it when I meditate (well, I don't meditate often enough of course, but having the quilt on my bed inspires me to take more quiet time for myself) and used it when I gave my daughter a reiki treatment recently. I am thinking of putting a sleeve on it so it can hang on a wall, but I like being able to use it as a mini blanket, so I can't decide.

My next plan is to make a healing quilt using my own fabrics. Oh, and I have also designed some reiki healing fabric using the 12 symbols of the world's major religions. It is enroute from spoonflower, the company that prints custom fabric. I made it in purple and white, and tried to get the shade to match my posters of the reiki healing symbol.



Very nice Linda! It feels good to finish a quilt:)

amanda1mc said...

It. Is. Beautiful!!! I am sorry I'm just getting to this, but I digress... everything in it's timing. LOL!
Makes my heart shiny! Very excited to see this reiki healing fabric! I have been playing with the idea of using other symbols as well - it still tickles me how collective consciousness works and we all follow similar ideas! I am grateful you are sharing your love!!

Edzellinni said...

Thanks Amanda. :-) I am also working on some symbolic reiki fabric; you can see it at And yes, Wanda, it feels good to finish a quilt...kind of like getting a little kid clean, dress and sent off to school!