Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sun and Moon Paper Dolls

During boring business meetings, I doodle. Sometimes flowers, sometimes abstract designs, sometimes faces. The other day I was doodling some moon and sun shapes, which I added some facial features to. I decided to turn my doodled faces into paper doll heads. The only problem was that I scanned them on a yellow, lined legal pad, so I had to putter with them in Photoshop to get out the color and lines. (My old scanner had a feature that took out the blue lines and scanned it as a black & white image...but the new scanner, sadly, doesn't.) I named the moon face Luna and the sun face Sunny. Not all that original, but it seemed right. My daughter suggested Soledad for Sunny, but it was too late--she was already Sunny. I printed the faces on white cardstock, then added chalk, markers and watercolor. For Sunny's body, I used a template that I got from my Roses on My Table paper doll exchange group. http://rosesonmytable.ning.com/ I printed the template on white cardstock, carefully cut it out, then randomly added an abstract, handcarved stamp stamp with orange ink. Next, added extra color with chalk. Luna's body is made from a piece of the New York Times that I stole from the recycling bin. Just a random page, with no intent for the text. I tried to glue the cardstock template on so the text would be interesting, but I accidentally glued it to the wrong side of the newspaper, so it came out very random, with chunks of black ink here and there. I stamped a carved heart on top of the newsprint. Luna's face is light blue which doesn't show up in the photo very well...maybe I was thinking of the song "Blue Moon", but probably not since I'm a rocker kind of person. The little shoes are a vintage image from The Graphics Fairy http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/; I added color with markers and chalk, and the tutu is net that I gathered and handstitched on. The belt/bow is a piece of hot pink net and the beret is a little snippet of my own fabric, available on Spoonflower. http://www.spoonflower.com/spelunks?type=designers&q=Edzellinni [you need to create a user name and password for spoonflower if you want to see all my fabric, including the one on the hat.] The limbs are joined with mini-brads so that they can be posed, which works out much better than the old fashioned paper dolls that weren't moveable and had those annoying little tabs on the clothing.

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