Monday, October 8, 2012

Semi-Steampunk Paper Doll With Beet Juice Clothing

This weekend, I tossed all my "should do" lists of projects aside and just did something to make ME feel good. Somehow making paper dolls frees my mind and relaxes me...especially when it is not for a trade, but just for me, just for fun.

I started by sizing some Graphics Fairy images that looked interesting onto anbegan with a basic paper doll template that I found through my trade group, Roses on My Table Next, I reduced or enlarged the pieces that interested me so they would fit the doll template. I have been collecting Graphics Fairy images, especially shoes, hats and faces. I printed a bunch of the vintage clipart out, cut them, then started playing with them to see which ones my doll would wear.

I had no plan, which was part of the fun. I started with the bottom of the body, and chose some boots with vintage advertising on them, which I attached to my paper legs with tiny brads. I used a template torso, and cut a leftover ATC to fit it and make the top, which I glued over the template piece. Another ATC made the skirt--it was from a journal page that I made a while back when I was experimenting with painting with beet juice. I scanned the beet juice painting and printed it in a small scale for an ATC.

I glued half a Graphics Fairy butterfly to each arm to create wings. The face was a vintage child's photo. I topped her off with a man's hat trimmed with a band of the beet juice ATC design. The arms, head legs, boots and hat are all attached with mini-brads so they are moveable, and can be changed if I am ever in the mood. In total, there are four Graphics Fairy images: the butterfly wings, the hat, the face and the boots. I have not named her yet...any ideas?

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