Monday, August 12, 2013

Retro Canning Tag

While looking through the archives on The Graphic Fairy’s website, found a beautiful old canning tag. Alone it was quite striking, but I decided to play around with different images superimposed on it. My favorite one to combine with the canning tag was another Graphic Fairy image, a big botanical pink floral, which added a retro feel.
In Photoshop, I sized the canning tag to standard tag size (43/4” x  23/8”) for the first layer, then added the floral, with the white background removed, in another layer. I duplicated the floral layer twice, then changed the size slightly and moved it around until I had an image I liked.
Next, I printed the tag on cardstock from a color laser printer. Using white printmaking paint, I stamped over the design with a delicate William Morris-style floral, and, once dry, aged the tag by applying liquid chalk to the edges.

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