Monday, November 11, 2013

Zetti...Me! Paper Doll

 One of my favorite things to do is make paper dolls. Another favorite art theme is self portraits. So, it makes sense that self portrait paper dolls would be right up my alley. When I am not sure what to do, or need some art therapy, I like to rummage in my box of paper doll parts and my box of random scraps. Today I used some leftover pieces--a head from an old black and white family photo taken when I was about 11; a body made of my own fabric (available on, and I cut arms and legs from a cast aside painted piece of watercolor paper. I added a steampunkish/zetti hat made by covering a Graphics Fairy hat with checkered paper, and some Graphics Fairy antique boots. The body parts, wings, boots and hat are all attached with mini brads so that they are moveable and removable as well.


Jackie said...

Look at you girlfriend! I was browsing over at graphics Fairy and saw this paperdoll and thought...hhmm reminds me of Linda's art, so when I clicked on it- wa la! It is yours! Great dollie! and digging her boots!xoxo

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Thanks Jackie :-) so cool that you can pick my work out of a lineup!