Saturday, June 14, 2014

Indigo Girl Dolls, Geisha Tags, and Alice & the Hare Dolls

Somehow I am computer-deprived. I can't post to my blog from work and our home computer has been moved to my husband's office, so I have to sneak onto my daughter's computer when she isn't looking.

I have an Indigo themed small art trade for June. I puttered for hours with hand needle felting, stitching, painting tyvek and designing various indigo patterns in photoshop. After all that, I came up empty and uninspired. So, I went to my default happy place--paper dolls. I used designs that were inspired by tiles on the wall of my favorite coffee place and translated it into the clothing, printing on extravorganza for the skirts and on cardstock for the limbs.

The Geisha themed tags were for the June Roses on my Table trade. I went to my favorite printed teabag technique with sheer lace and gold accents.

The Alice dolls are also for a Roses on my Table trade. Alice has a kind of Zetti meets RunDMC feel and the hare is just crazy with the fish hat.

I am currently working on Santos Cage Dolls this weekend, which is a new theme for me. It is reminiscent of the Day of the Dead and Frida Kahlo and I am very intrigued by it.


Janet Ghio said...

Linda-I love your alice paper dolls-so cute and I recognize the teabag technique on the tags--so pretty.

sonja said...

your indigos are most charming Linda.
look forward to your cage doll Frida work .will they be 3d?

JackieP Neal said...

Linda- your dolls are the best ever! I love that Alice! What a sweetie- is her face from a vintage paperdoll? The White Rabbit is just as delightful!!
And those Indigo girls are Fabulous- I love your style- I can always tell your faces- a true artist statement!
not to forget those Geisha tags-WOW Stunning! I love the simplicity of the design and the perfect amount of elements to make the tags stand out!
So glad you posted!!
hugs ") Jackie

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Thank you all for leaving comments! Sonja, I am doing a flat Santos doll, with a faux cage, kind of like what you would draw in geometry class to suggest 3D. Janet, I am just addicted to teabags...enjoying the variety of subtle hues. Jackie, I have felt that I've been in a rut so your praise really makes me feel better. Thank you :-)