Sunday, April 26, 2015

Deli Paper Freedom & My Junque Journal

When I signed up for a class with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, one of the items on the "to bring" list was painted deli paper. I was clueless, so I emailed Julie and found out where to buy it. She sent me a link, and it was shipped, from Amazon, quickly. It came in a larger box that had two pretty large boxes of deli paper in it. I was pretty clueless about what the deli paper would be used for, and what kind of paint to use on it.

I experimented with a couple kinds of paint, and found it took acrylic well. I had a box in my closet full of assorted bottles of acrylic paint that I had inherited from my sister in law, so I started experimenting. I also liked Lumiere paint on the deli paper. I also liked the smears of paint on the newsprint that I used to cover my work surface.

orange pocket folder, covered with painted deli paper,
painted newsprint, washi tape and printmaking experiment

Remember those days in elementary school when the art teacher would come, and a half hour later everyone has paintings drying all over the floor and counters? Big brush strokes of bold color on cheap paper? Yeah, I was right back there. The deli paper dried quickly, and many had a see-through quality. They were so lightweight and colorful and fun.

painted deli paper page from "junque journal"

Rather than purchasing expensive canvas and doing what I would hope would be a masterpiece, painting on the deli paper was very freeing and therapeutic. The deli paper also takes stamps well, and you can layer it too.

I decided to use the paper to spruce up the inside of my junque journal that I made in Julie's class. I applied the deli paper pretty randomly, tearing it with a metal edged ruler, and didn't worry about precision or right angles. The junque journal is the perfect place to make a mess, glue in not quite perfect designs, and experiment without worrying about any kind of self-judgment. I include a few pocket folders that are great for tucking in notes, sketches, ideas and instructions. Deli paper is my new "go-to" surface to paint on. It is inexpensive, light, flexible, and unpretentious. And great fun.

orange pocket folder covered with painted deli paper

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