Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Morgan Silks Journal Page

My friend Susan Morgan Hoth makes fabulous, hand painted, one of a kind silk scarves. A few months ago I treated myself to two...and they are gorgeous.

They came wrapped in tissue, with a little card that had a miniature printout of the design. I saved the cards in my art box, of course.

I used one of them in a recent journal page. It was the perfect centerpiece on a pastel page made from collaged painted deli paper, painted newsprint, vintage flowers, vintage newsprint and printmaking scraps.

On the white border around Sue's paper print of the design I put some words in very pale pink: "listen to that little voice inside your head whispering the truth whispering the way" The words were inspired by the GooGoo Dolls song, Truth is a Whisper. I liked the pale pink for the words because it is so soft and subtle, like a whisper.

Here's me in my office chair, wearing the fabulous scarf as a luck charm on the day I had to do a PowerPoint presentation in front of a room full of department heads, doctors, head nurses and other bigwigs. Since I am pretty much an introvert who would prefer to sit in the corner, undisturbed, and paint, draw, design or write, I definitely needed the lucky scarf to boost my confidence. I did make it through the PowerPoint without tripping, drooling, saying ummm errr hmmm too much, so it was a success, I guess. But I would much rather be behind the computer designing and writing the PowerPoint than presenting it.

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morgansilk said...

Wow, Linda! So glad you got a boost from my scarves. The one you are wearing got me busted for trespassing, but SO worth it!