Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Fortunate Indeed" Journal Gratitude Page

Much of the day today was spent constructing a new art journal. While it was drying, I decided it was time to work on one of the last few remaining blank pages in my current journal.

Background papers were chosen totally randomlythey were mostly what was left on my worktablescraps from constructing the new journal. There were strips of painted deli paper, digital collages, printmaking mistakes, newsprint and random paper. I used a variety of adhesivesmatte medium, glue stick, and rubber cement.

Keeping in mind the Kelly Kilmer principles of journaling, I forced myself to add some stamping and stenciling and some handwritten words. I started with the stamp with the Chinese character for fortunate (which has the English translation below). I hadn't used it in quite a while, so I stamped it three times at the top.

It needed more, so I used a favorite Artistcellar stencil, designed by Jane Davenport. I used a black sharpie maker for the outline, then randomly added some white paint inside the face and neck, and strokes coming out from the head to suggest hair.

Last, I added some handwritten words: fortunate indeed. Often people (like me!) think so much about what they lack, and forget to be thankful for what they DO have. Each night I try to think of five things I am thankful for, even on a day that has been stressful and exasperating. They range from big blessings like a good job, health insurance, loving family, good heath and a safe place to live to things we take for grantedhot and cold running water, indoor plumbing; enough food to eat; warm, comfortable clothing; mass transit that gets me to and from work efficiently or beautiful weather.

The page ended up next to one I worked on yesterday, and together they make a good statement. Yesterday's theme was "hope for the best, anticipate the worst." The colors and shapes on the two pages are very harmonious—a happy accident.

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sonja said...

So much to be grateful for and the ability to art out loud!