Thursday, March 10, 2016

And the Winner of the Sacred Geometry 2 Stencils is...

...tada, drumroll...Congratulations to Shay Stone, who is the lucky winner! Shay was very excited to find out that she had won the set of 4 Artistcellar Sacred Geometry 2 stencils, and I hope she has great fun playing with them. I wish there could have been more winners.

So, here are the experiments I did in my journal with the new stencil set. Some of the effects were interesting, so I may explore them further. I especially like the rainbow/flower effect with the little white spirals. I used a white Signo pen--my very favorite white writing instrument. You can also see the notes I scribbled--and that I wasn't all that impressed with the idea of deli paper 60s flowers. But after the lightbulb went off in my head late one night, I made the idea work. If you missed my Flower Power Shoebox, just click the link.

Quick sketches with Tombow brush tipped markers and a white signo pen

White ink and white signo pen on red paper, over-stamped with a black lace style stamp

Multicolored soft inks stamped through stencil,
with black lines and stream of consciousness words

Bottom corner was stenciled with turquoise acrylic on deli paper
 and added to journal page of random collage elements 

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Artistcellar said...

I think this is a very valuable post... it really shows what options you have with stencils. Even your "meh" ones have some value... you can rip them up and use them randomly in collage :-)