Saturday, August 19, 2017

I'm Part of Gwen Lafleur's Art Tribe!

This week's exciting announcement was the debut of artist Gwen Lafleur's first design team, which she calls her "art tribe." And guess who is part of the tribe? Yes, me! I am super thrilled to have a chance to play with her amazing papers, stencils (she is one of Stencil Girl's designers), trims, washi tape, stamps and journals, as well as her unique jewelry and decorative components from around the world.

The first items I had access to were some downloadable pdfs of butterflies, flowers, birds and animals. Butterflies always make me feel happy, so after a bad day at work, puttering with some butterflies and using them to enhance some previously ho-hum ATCs made me feel a whole lot better.
Some blah ATCs got a boost with butterflies from Gwen Lafleur's downloadable collection of pdfs
While I waited eagerly for my package of Lafleur goodies to arrive, I kept busy with journaling. I took the little journal I made last weekend to work, and pulled it and my watercolors out on my lunch break. I lightly penciled some old Jane Davenport stencils on the page, and painted for about 20 minutes. At home, I took a few more minutes and added stamps, handwritten thoughts and other accents to complete the pages.

Lunch time journal page before stamps were added
Journal page with Michelle Ward's Greenpepper Press stamps added
Lunch time journal page before stamps were added
Journal page with my own hand carved stamp and Michelle Ward's Greenpepper Press stamps
Lunch time watercolor with handwritten thoughts about starting a new job in a new place and missing my old work friends
Lunch time watercolor with unnatural face colors
Finished journal page with washi tape necklace and third eye from Gwen Lafleur's collection. Hand writtten thoughts were also added.
If you didn't see the announcement about the new Art Tribe on Gwen's website, here's the link. I am super excited to start playing with all the new art materials, and also curious to see what my team members will create.


Lynda Shoup said...

So glad to be on this adventure with you. I love these lunchtime works. You really manage to fit a lot into that time. I'm impressed. They have such a lovely soft, but strong look.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Thanks Lynda! I am happy to actually have a full hour lunch break and a nice garden area to paint in...until the snow comes!