Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coffee Filters Aren't Just for Drinking

My friend Sonja does incredible painting and quilting on all kinds of things you would never think of. So she sent me some of her coffee filters, all the way from Hawaii. Turns out they were exactly like the filters they sell on Long Island, so it is just her magical way with them, the filters weren't extra special after all. But I played around with them and made these cards, including some of my home-made batiks, hand carved stamps and fancier than usual stitch work.


Joan said...

these are lovely, now what part of them is made of coffee filters?

Edzellinni said...

Joan: the foundation 'fabric' is from a clean, ironed coffee filter. I just painted on it with Lumiere and watercolor, added some cloth (my own batiks made from a recycled shirt) and stitched it.

Gwyneth said...

I just love to find new things to play with.. We are not drinking much coffee in Cyprus at the moment as it is very guess I will have to dig some filters out and have a play I can feel a bowl project looming.. watch my blog!!!
P.S all your work is lovely.. great colours.

sonja said...

linda,i recently painted on used ones after giving my geraniums the grounds and they loved that. gets a vintage look you know i love
like your blog
sonja cfp

Edzellinni said...

ooh, Sonja, I will try both the painting on used, aged looking filters and feeding the plants the grounds. You are SO environmentally correct!