Saturday, May 24, 2008

Elizabethan Collar on Coconut Jenkins Wyatt

Poor Coco had a grooming accident...had to get 5 stitches in his little tummy and wear this lovely collar for 10 days. All healed now and back to his old self.


lilyfreeshark said...

What happened? I groom with my daughter. I am fearful of cutting a dog. Are you mad at your groomer? Dogs move so unexpectedly.


Edzellinni said...

lily: we were trying to save $ by grooming him ourselves. My teenage daughter and I were giving him a bath and she found a big snarl on his tummy and decided to snip. (usually Linda the artist cuts all hair and fur in the family) well, she got too close and cut the skin. not deep, not much bleeding, but we had to bundle him up (all wet and half groomed) and rush him to the nearest pet ER, which was a 45 minute drive since it was a Saturday night. He was clueless and not in pain, but didn't like the collar much.

Perry said...

How long did it take your daughter to recover from that trauma! Poor things-- all of you!