Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Universe Between Our Backs

Well, this is not exactly an art post, but I just had to blog about what a great concert I went to Sunday night. As a birthday treat, I took my daughter, who will soon turn 20 (!! does that make me OLD?) to see KT Tunstall. We had 3rd row center seats and of course she was fabulous and intense and sang all her hits. Such a tiny wisp of a woman with a powerhouse voice and presence. She had on a cool black and white graphic outfit, kind of black and white triangles fanning out from a center point and cool 80s UK rocker boots. She changed her guitar for every song; our favorites were the glittery silver one and a shiny red oddly shaped one. Clearly I know almost nothing about music or I would know the names of the styles and brands of guitar...but maybe they were custom made. So, I am inspired to do a quilt or piece of art illustrating the Little Universe between our backs.

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