Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't Throw Away the Scraps

Similar to collage, and maybe a little like making handmade paper is the technique of making 'scrappy' fabric. I pile leftover fibers on clear, water-soluble stabilizer, making a 'sandwich' of it all with a layer of stabilizer on top. I then stitch it all over, covering every half inch with either a zig zag or another decorative, strong stitch. It can be used for all kinds of quilty/crafty projects. My favorite thing is to use it cover blank journals, and then I use some fiber with my handmade tyvek beads for a page marker. And with the leftover scrappy I played around and made some medallions, backing them with timetex and edging with seed beeds.

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iHanna said...

Very cool surface, thanks for sharing the tip on how to make them!