Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Third Eye, but not Blind

Here's another self-portrait I did in my series for Cate Prato's book, Mixed Media Self Portraits. I called it Third Eye. It is about introspection and mediation and the creative forces inside the mind and soul. And influenced by Alex Gray a bit. And why the title of this blog? For the non-rockers who didn't get my little joke, Third Eye Blind is a band, not any kind of comment on blindness.


Sherryl said...

These are all stunning. I love the colors you have used for all of these.

needlewings said...

These are great Linda! Hey, Just got Coco on my way out to leave to go to visit my family for a week and a half. He's fabulous!!! My intentions were good, but unfortunately a series of things happened the past couple of days so, I am afraid you will have to wait for madame papillion:( til I get back. I promise I won't forget you!

Lisa Alff said...

just beautiful, I have got to take lessons from you teach? Hugs Lisa