Saturday, April 18, 2009

This was pretty experimental: a while back I made a pincushion for my Threads of Sanity fiberart pal Lori, who collects pincushions. It was the first one I ever made, and I just winged it. I used all fabric that was hand dyed or hand batiked (by me), stuffed it, and added seed beads and dangly hand-rolled tyvek beads...and a little gold-painted lutradur star on top.


needlewings said...

How beautiful! Bet she loves it!

Edzellinni said...

I hope so. I never did get around to making one for me...hey Wanda, maybe it should be a FAT project? (for the uninitiated, FAT=fiber art traders; we are not being insensitive to anyone who has a few extra pounds)