Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self Portraits and the Inner Critic

One of my favorite thing to do has turned out to be self portraits. My inner critic, who I am sure is really ugly and pointy and skinny and clearly mean, keeps whispering, "Aren't you sick of yourself yet?" and "My, my, aren't we self-abosrbed!" Maybe it just helps clean out the inner demons and keep me semi-sane.

These are two shots of one of my favorite pieces; it looks entirely different viewed from the left than it does from the right. They are all self-portraits, based on photos taken at different ages: kindergarten, highschool, college, young career girl, and recent. The pieces are hinged together with beads and wire, and fold accordion-style, which helps them stand up.


sonja said...

you are beautiful beacuse you express yourself.and that is a process not a destination ....! just ask me why i paint..because i am!!

Judy Alexander said...

These are really great. Love all of them! Presentation is also really perfect.

Lisa Alff said...

Linda, these are awesome!!!!!!!!! I have been just getting into self portraits and painting faces, these are just way cool..... Lisa