Monday, May 25, 2009

Textile Dots

I have been really busy finishing up a lot of art projects: getting sleeves on three quilts for a fiber arts council of southern california show (no, you don't have to live in California to participate [since I live in NY!]) and trying to make a bunch of art-o-mat blocks (50 of the yellow self-portrait, to be followed by 50 of the red and black energy man) and cards off for a May exchange. whew, I'm worn out. So...I am posting a piece I did a while back.

This was inspired by the cover of a book I got a the Met on textile history. Each little circle contains an original textile design (by me...since I was a textile designer for many years I have tons of designs.) Instead of being my usual free and painterly self, I tried to be really geometric and precise, especially in the quilting. I designed it in QuarkXpress (with art scanned to photoshop) and printed it on Avery printable cotton sheets, which are kind of stiff, but have great color reproduction.

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sonja said...

those circle in your quilt recall plates that often have great design elements! good luck on entering your quilts in so cal show!