Sunday, October 31, 2010

About to Thermofax!

I have been dying to try thermofax printing on fabric ever since I read about it a couple years ago. I bumbled onto a woman who makes and sells the screens, thanks to a facebook post by Patty VanHuis Cox. Through the Esty shops, FibraArtysta sells affordable screens and paints. I just sent a few of my designs, and can't wait to see how they print.

These are the black & white images that the screens will be created from. I ordered some bright, punchy colors to try them in.


Penny Schine Gold said...

Thanks much for the info on where to get a screen made. I did a one-day workshop on screen printing and loved it. Have fun!

Edzellinni said...

I would love to take a workshop, but unless there is one really near me, I will have to have my own one-woman workshop :-)

Spirituality 101- self preservation said...

What IS this Thermo Fax??