Monday, January 17, 2011

Hearts in Space

I can't stop playing with NevrDull. This time I took a National Geographic photo of outer space that had red tones, and cut some heart shapes from old removable floppy diskette labels. I had visions of doing something Valentine's-ish with it, but am not sure whether to chop it up for ATCs or reprint the scanned art and work from that. Or maybe I should make it into a giant card for my husband...but then, he would probably think it smells funny, which it does. Seems the best art supplies have the worst fumes.


lisa fulmer said...

I haven't played with this technique yet, definitely sounds interesting - I love the effects.

Edzellinni said...

I learned about it from Karen Muskgrave. I use it outdoors and with gloves, on her recommendation. works best with high quality magazine and catalogue pix. It is my newest fav technique.


I still haven't tried it! Love it. Guess I had better put it on my shopping list.