Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wet Spiral Leaf Postcards

Right after I took a photo of these 3 postcards, I sprayed them with fixative. They have to travel to Hawaii and Texas, so I didn't want them to get wrecked in the mail. The fixative is very pungent...smells like a cross between skunk and turpentine, so I sprayed way out in the backyard, then left them on the fence to air out. In the early evening, I remembered them, and discovered that they had gotten sprayed from the sprinklers. They were all wet and puffed up, but the paint had not run. I ironed them until they were almost dry, and tucked them under a cast iron pot overnight to deflate them. They are almost as good as new, fortunately, and ready to be put in the mailbox.

The background paper is a nice Japanese rag that I collaged with recycled coffee filters, then enhanced with watercolor and watersoluble oil pastels. The center is the same paper, with aged with coffee and watercolors, and stamped with my own hand carved leaf in a brown distress ink, and stitched to the background.

1 comment:

sonja said...

had no ides they went through the sprinklers! my card is wonderful from you . loved your recover process.
yours will be out before the month's end..
Aloha, Sonja