Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reiki Healing: SAQA Auction Donation

My donation for this year's SAQA Auction is called Reiki Healing. I used the Beryl Taylor reverse applique/slice and dice technique. Instead of Beryl's circles, I used square shapes, and put an antahkarana--the ancient healing symbol used in reiki--in the center. I added a few accent beads and hand appliqued the center patch.

The piece is very soft, a little off kilter--the squares, although I measured and cut ever so carefully, had a mind of their own. I used an old wool blanket as the batting, and an old sheet as the backing, so it incorporated a lot of recycled materials. The antahkarana is belived to heal whether you believe in it or not, just looking at is can be healing--no prayers or meditation is necessary to make it work.


Janice PD said...

I love the SAQA donation piece! You outdid yourself on that one.

Edzellinni said...

Thanks Janice :-) It is a little off-kilter, which annoys the Virgo in me, who wants to be perfect. Now I need to get started on one for me to keep!