Sunday, May 29, 2011

Indigo ATC Tray

Thanks to artist Lisa Fulmer, I learned about the 7 Gypsies display cases for ATCs and other small art pieces. The first group I chose to display was my indigo collection, from a recent Arts in the Cards ATC trade. I added a few blueish pieces from other trades to make it an even dozen. Soooooo much better to have them out for viewing, instead of sticking them in binders and putting them on a shelf.


Janice PD said...

Gorgeous Linda! Amazing how many moons and oriental feel there were for this. Where did the blue moon in the second row, second from the left come from?

lisa fulmer said...

gorgeous! i love my trays too, everyone's work is so cool!

Edzellinni said...

Thank you Janice and Lisa. I have to get a pix of the other 2 trays I put on the hallway wall.

Janice, the center left one was from a lisa lisa trade, Earth Day theme. I can't remember the artist. Lisa, do you? will have to check the card's back.