Sunday, October 9, 2011

Duct Tape Hardware ATCs: Unchain My Heart? or Heart of Gold?

Hardware. It sounded like a really fun ATC theme. So, I dug around the house looking for mechanical bits and pieces and found nothing. Not one bolt, nut, or screw that would work. No little washers, no gear pieces. Well, we aren't the handiest, do-it-yourself family, so I shouldn't have been surprised. I was stuck and frustrated and had to rethink my whole idea because I didn't have time, or $, to run out to the hardware store to look for inspiration. I settled on good old silver duct tape, and went back to my tried and true favorite base, painted, recycled coffee sleeves. I painted the sleeves gold to contrast the silver duct tape and angeled the tape on the base. I had some chain link left from my Eye Of Panic art quilt [that I really did buy at the hardware store--and yes, they thought I was a crazy artist buying so much chain], so I punched holes in the cards, set grommets in them, and threaded the chain thru, closing it with a little silvery end cap. I added a little gold cardboard lopsided heart on the chain for softness. It looked naked, so I added gold brads in each corner to mimic nailheads.

I couldn't decide on the title: Heart of Gold [strains of Neil Young running through my head bring me back quite a few years] or Unchain My Heart? Isn't that a country song? or am I mixing Unbreak My Heart with Unchained Melody? Any votes on the title?


sonja said...

unchain my heart of gold.

love neil young songs and love what you did with hardware challenge.

Edzellinni said...

Thanks Sonja. It was a hard theme for me. PS, the "grateful" database is up...your concept. Hope u can play

sonja said...

Linda, i am planning to join so make 9.