Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alice, Camelot and a Glamorous Harvest

I have been doing a lot of trades with my Roses on my Table groups. For the tag theme Ancient Cities, I blanked out, but finally decided on the fictitious city of Camelot since somehow my family has gotten addicted to the show Merlin.

For the Statues tag theme, I really was at a loss. So, I did a search of NYC statues and hit on the Alice in Wonderland statues in Central Park. My daughter loved climbing on them when she was little, so that seemed like fun. I combined it with an image of the Imagine mosaic tribute to John Lennon.

The ATC theme harvest seemed a little dull, since I first thought of the same old Thanksgiving feast images. Thanks to some vintage clipart, I made a photoshop collage of antique seed packets. They were particularly interesting to me because they are marked Oneida County, which I where I grew up. The art needed some pepping up, so I added in glamorous 1940s model Georgia Carroll, who is the grandmother of my daughter's best friend, which kind of went with the antique seed packets and made me think of beautiful women squashing grapes at harvest time.

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