Monday, November 14, 2011

Reiki Prayer Quilt with the North Pole Grid

I made this little 12" x 12" quilt a while back, and posted photos of it as I was designing it, but never posted the final photo. Lately I have started working on some more reiki inspired pieces, but this little one remains a favorite.

To start, I printed a photo (with permission of William Lee Rand) of the North Pole Grid on avery printable cotton. It looked dull when it came out of the printer, so I overpainted it with gold acrylic. [go to if you want to read more about the NP Grid.] It is a beautiful and fascinating story.

The little sequins on the tips indicate the major world religions. The actual NP Grid is made of gold and crystals, and has different symbols for each religion.

I cut out the gold NP Grid, and stitched it to a painted background of icy blues and white, which I created using watersoluble oil pastels [which aren't really oil, they are more like a gel stick] to simulate the snow and ice of the north pole for the background.

Each corner has the reiki healing symbol. The sides have the reiki morning prayer, combined with my own purple soy batik. It is edged with purple corduroy that was left over from a jumper I made my daughter, Amanda, many years ago. Purple is the healing color, and also her favorite color.

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FlutterbugArtGirl said...

I love the symbolic fabric used and the reiki morning prayer. Your reiki inspired pieces are always so peaceful and calm, Edz.