Monday, November 28, 2011

Vitamin Water Zero Paper Doll

After hours of cooking on Thanksgiving, I needed a break, so I pulled out my scrap bins, paints and glue, and did some doll therapy. This doll is 1960s inspired, with an a-line mini dress made of a Vitamin Water Zero label. I love the graphics and the colors, but I especially love the drink. It is the only diet drink that I can have that doesn't have me doubled over with stomach pains, plus, it tastes pretty good.

Her tights are made of aluminum foil, recycled from our holiday pie-making. The red go-go boots are cut from a scrap of watercolor paper, and adorned with silver sequins. Earrings, made of seed beads and pony beads, were sewn on. The doll's cap is made of the inner wrapper of a peanut butter cup. I expect I will soon make a doll friend for Ms. Zero out of the orange outer peanut butter cup wrapper, left over from Halloween. It was my ONLY Halloween treat. Really, I only ate one!

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