Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Steampunk Paper Dolls

I can't believe how happy I am puttering with paper dolls. I did love them as a kid, so its not a huge surprise. But I really didn't realize that making art paperdolls would combine the art therapy of collage with my inner fashion designer wannabe and my love of drawing crazy faces.

Here is what I did for the Roses On My Table group's January exchange with a theme of Steampunk. The one on the top right is the face from my piece "Broken Chakra Girl." She has gone all sci-fi punk, cut her hair and is living on the edge. The one on the bottom with a large head and square eye is a face I doodled one day when a very old friend of my husband's called from Australia. The woman, who I have never met and is a psychic, talked on and on and on. When she hung up, this is the face that emerged.

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