Sunday, December 8, 2013

Funky Flat Angel Dolls

The heARTist trading group side trade for December was flat angels or flat Santas. I started researching both angels and Santas. I found cute, I found pretty, I found sentimental, I found bizarre and creepy. But I didn't find an idea that spoke to me. So, I started puttering with my shoeboxes full of doll parts and scraps, which usually leads me to something interesting and therapeutic.

There were some leftover scraps of white on red printmaking that I used for my house-shaped ATCs, so the scraps became bodies. I used an assortment of vintage and original doll heads and body parts. The main thing that makes an angel is a set of wings, so each has some gigantic wings with gold dimensional paint accent. All the parts are attached with mini-brads to make them poseable. I added a finishing touch of some sheer lace that resembled snowflakes, extra dabs of gold paint here and there, and ended up with an assortment of very funky angels.

I decided to keep one angel. It was hard to choose a favorite, but settled on one that used a vintage Pierrot Clown Lady paperdoll image from the Graphics Fairy.

 Thank you Karen Watson for your wonderful site of free vintage images!


sonja said...

Linda, your fabulous flat fair sweet angel flew in yesterday. i call her little rose. like your use of lace on paper. what gold paint do you use?

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Little Rose is the perfect name. She spoke to me and said she wanted to live in Hawaii with Sonja :-)