Sunday, July 13, 2014

le Pain Quotidien Journal Collage

Coffee is the stuff that keeps many of us running. My weekends often begin with a trip to my very favorite place for my morning latte--le Pain Quotidien. The hard part is which one to go to--one is closer and but has no outdoor seating, and the other is a few blocks further but has a sidewalk cafe where even Coco, our Maltese, can enjoy the coffee klatch with us.

I picked up one of their catering brochures thinking that I liked the beige paper it was printed on, and that I might use it as part of a journal page. Somehow the word Catering emerged as the central element. The rest of the collage is bits and pieces of my textile designs, photoshop collages, a hand carved stamp, some stencils and stamping. The words in a circle are a line from a Goo Goo Dolls song, a leftover part of some mandala designs I made a few months ago.

I also used the tiles on the walls of their 49th Street@2nd Avenue location for my Indigo Girl paper dolls a few weeks ago.

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