Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tea With Helen

I had my "debut" as a member of the Artistcellar design team yesterday.
For my first Artistcellar blog post, I started with a favorite technique—printing on recycled teabags—and used a vintage photo of my mother, Helen, circa 1934. I printed the photo from an inkjet printer onto printable silk fabric, trimmed it to size, and removed the paper backing.
For the base, I started with used teabags. After drying them, I emptied out the old tea, carefully opened them, flattened them out, and printed on them using white printmaking paint applied to an assortment of hand-carved and commercial stamps.

Once the printed teabags were dry, I randomly collaged them onto cardstock using gel (matte) medium, which adheres like glue, but dries flat, and you can stitch through it with ease.
When I laid the translucent silk photo on the teabag print base, too much of the background showed through, so I applied viva décor inka gold old gold to the central area, which made the silk photo easier to see. I added a little matte medium to hold the photo in place, and edged it with a favorite sheer lace, also adhered with matte medium.
For strength, I added a felt backing, then clamped the artwork to the felt and carefully stitched the edges with a machine blanket stitch. To give the piece even more of a vintage effect, I sponged on extra viva décor inka gold old gold to the edges and corners.

The piece especially touches my heart because, growing up, the kitchen was the central gathering place in our house, and mom always had a pot of tea to share with friends and family around our kitchen table. The dress she wore in the photo was made of a rich indigo velvet and I remember feeling ever so beautiful in it when I played dress-up.


Marilou said...

Beautiful work Linda! This must stir up wonderful memories of your Mom and childhood, what a treasure:)
I have always loved your unique work with teabags, such a lovely idea and great recycle.
Hugs Marilou

sonja said...

great photo of your mom and great post . congrats on your new venue. it has been soo muggy here i have made tons of sun tea; mango and black tea combo is my favorite over ice cubes. What size is you collage ? lovely!!

Janet Ghio said...

I always love those printed tea bags that you make! This is a beautiful piece.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Thank you Marilou, Sonja and Janet! Sonja, it is about 8x10...I started with a standard sized piece of cardstock, but trimmed it a little along the way.

JackieP Neal said...

Omgosh!! Where did my comment go?! I left one - at least I thought I did!
Linda, I couldn't be happier for you in your new AC DT position! You totally rocked your first project and post as well as set the bar high for all the other members!!
bravo my friend! I look forward to your other art!! xo

JackieP Neal said...

ps..maybe you should be teaching a similar class using tea bags at the Ink Pad? hint hint! ")

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Thanks for letting me fill your shoes Jackie! Working furiously on some new projects...and PS, I did send two proposals to the IP but haven't heard back.