Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning Curve

Today, instead of doing what I usually do...painting or dyeing or collage or something else wildly colorful, messy and expressive, I made myself sit down at the sewing machine and learn a few technical things. I sat with some thread, scraps of fabric and the machine manual and taught myself, finally, how to: use the buttonhole maker, sew on a button with the machine and last but not least: free motion quilt. It was all pretty successful, and I made a little journal quilt of it. But sadly, it was really abusive to my wrist and forearm (probably the free motion quilting) and so I am all wrapped up in ice, mulling over the plusses and minuses of prescription painkillers. And just when I thought my torn rotator cuff was feeling a lot better...

1 comment:

Perry said...

That's something I need to sit down and do, also. I hope without the pain-- feel better soon!