Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rock and Roll Challenge

Well, by happy accident I stumbled on a posting on the quiltingartsllc (Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors Magazines) editor's blog that is right up my alley. They are having a Rock and Roll challenge, 8.5x11. Of course, which of my 100 favorite songs will I choose? Some are great, but hard to illustrate. Some can be illustrated, but are they the right song?

In honor of the event I am posting a journal quilt I did last February. I took some of my favorite albums (excuse me...CDs...you can see how old I am by referring to music storage devices as albums) and scanned them, then arranged them in a 9 patch and surrounded them with some favorite lyrics. That Johnny Rzeznik (Mr. Goo Goo Doll himself) is pretty clever, and if i were 25 years younger, I'd have his poster on my ceiling.

Of course, the rules prohibit using scanned pictures of the album cover art (oops, CD cover art) and using the lyrics, so I can't do anything like this.


needlewings said...

Hey, likewise, I love your blog better than mine though. Lots more art. lol Go for the pie... Won't take long to make either that or come on over. I am eating a piece as we speak. Yummmy!

Threadhead said...

Great rock n roll!
I just saw that yeterdasy also and I am contemplating it...
Maybe a Twist on my Yellow submarine?