Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tiny Dancer Fractured Photo

A few years ago, I took part in a fractured photo fiber art project. My old group, Threads of Sanity (which has since disbanded) exchanged black and white pieces of photos. No one knew what each other was working on, we only got a little snippet of a photo and had to translate it into fiber any way we wanted, and add color.

I chose a photo of my daughter Amanda (who is now 22) when she, at age 3, was in a production the Nutcracker at the local Y.

I finally put the pieces together and finished the piece.


sonja said...

it looks good Linda! mine is still pinned together !!


yours turned out great! Mine was a disaster. The gal that cooridinated it never did finish my piece and another gal had a stroke so it just didn't work out well as a group.

Edzellinni said...

Thanks Wanda. Apparently I was one of the few who got all her pieces; some of the group had a falling out and one member didn't make good on her pieces...fortunately the falling out came after I had gotten mine from her.

Lisa Fibers Creations said...

this is really unique and I love it. You have such a nack for out of the ordinary and I love it. I have not heard from you in a while. Hope all is well. oh and I have my healing rieke (not sure of spelling) hanging on my wall above my sewing machine hugs Lisa