Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cleverness

Feeling terribly clever tonight--I managed to make beach-inspired ornaments for my friend Jeanne who is having a mini-holiday gathering around her tree tomorrow night. She looooves the beach, so I bought some starfish from a Hamptons shop and managed to turn them into ornaments. I gently hammered a sewing machine needle through one of the five points, wiggled it around to enlarge the hole, and squished a gossamer silky wire-edged aqua ribbon through the wee hole. I tied it in a bow, nipped the ends, attached an ornament hanging gizmo, put some faux turquoise beads on the hanger, and viola, instant beach ornament. But then I had no box, no wrapping paper. I grabbed an old shoe box and covered the top of it with a sheet of heat-distressed painted tyvek. Funny, when I was a kid and throwing together homemade gifts, it was because I couldn't afford to buy them. Now handmade is in...lucky for me!

So, I don't have a photo of the ornaments and fancy box, but look what I did with the Bloomingdale's holiday catalogue I got in the mail: I cut hearts and Matisse inspired shapes out of old removable floppy disc labels, rubbed some NevrDull on the whole thing, peeled off the labels, and the look went from Christmas to Valentine's Day in a very short period of time.


Judy Warner said...

This looks great, Linda. I half understand what you did, but no matter. I love the effect. And, it sounds like your friend is very lucky to have you.
Glad you are enjoying the holidays!

Edzellinni said...

Thanks Judy :-) Which part was confusing, the ornament or the NevrDull'd bloomie's catalogue?

Janice Paine-Dawes said...

Linda, Bloomies ads have never looked so good! Just keep it up, I'll have to find NevrDull and it's all Karen Musgrave's fault!


Awesome! Love the look!