Monday, December 13, 2010

Goofing Off

I have been working nonstop lately, scarfing down a quick lunch while I work at my paying job, staying up late and working weekends for my husband for my non-paying job.

So, I finally have time to rest, maybe do some artwork, putter around. And how do I spend my time? Changing my facebook photo. I changed it 4 times...tried different self-portrats. And no, I am not going to use a real photo. They don't look any more like me than the self-portraits. Well, maybe a little more.

Anyway, I settled on this picture, a self portrait that I did from a photo at my niece's wedding a few years ago. I printed the photo [enlarged and kind of blurry] that my brother Kenny took and printed it on fabric, then overpainted it with water soluble oil pastels. I am wearing a black velvet coat that my mother made in the 1940s that has a really cool high collar [in the back] and my dangly old favorite fancy pearl earrings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's gift shop.


Judy Warner said...

The black fur and blue background make a great contrast, Linda. Glad you found a way to relax!

Edzellinni said...

Thanks Judy! Sometimes I push myself so hard and set deadlines for myself and I have to step back and remember that art should be fun, and that I don't have to produce, produce, produce. sometimes you just need to goof off, right?

FlutterbugArtGirl said...