Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Have I gone crazy? I spent about an hour tonight hand needlefelting the beginnings of a winter coat for my dog. Well, it was my daughter's idea. After all, I spend hours needlefelting pieces for ATCs and postcards and bracelets, so she thought, in the vernacular of my mother, that it would be keeno if I did a soft, wooly felting for the skinny, badly behaved but adorable four legged member of the family. Since he is so pretty and strangers think he is a girl, I did it in earth tones with a little indigo blue thrown in...hopefully it will say: "I am a macho boy dog, and I protect my family and home; I am the official Wyatt guard dog." Of course I don't have a working scanner handy or a digital camera nearby, so you have to wait to see a picture of it. With any luck, Coco will pose wearing it. But you can see my latest self portrait sketch, me at 55, looking crazy indeed.


Judy Warner said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you for making me laugh! I am busy processing today how to move on from a project that just didn't turn out right (see my blog tomorrow).

I am sure your dog will appreciate your efforts. I won't go into what I am doing for our elderly dog at the moment. Amazing what we will do for our pets - as well as everyone else!

Edzellinni said...

I realized that my dog, who loves to roll in anything stinky, should not have a wool coat that must be either hand washed or dry cleaned. I don't even buy anything for myself that has to be handled with care! so, maybe a mini down parka instead made from an old human coat.