Saturday, October 4, 2008

Backflips with a Half-twist in my Happy Dancing

No, I am not actually doing backflips. But I SOOOO want to. And if the old rotator cuff wasn't so weak and wobbly, I would, even with my half-century self. Today I got my shipment of MIXED MEDIA SELF PORTRAITS and I am celebrating both the book's beauty and creativity and my own contribution to it: 3500 words and 9 pieces of art. I can't post the pieces here though, it's forbidden by contract with the publisher. But you can get a discounted copy on Amazon, and they even let you take a sneak peek. I have a piece on the back page and the inside cover, oh, and one on the index page...look for the piece with the half white face and rainbow eyes, and the other one with a fuzzy, dreamlike face with net and a turban. And even if I didn't have work in the book, I would still highly recommend it. It is full of creative, innovative work and lots of 'how-to's.

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Threadhead said...

I think I will have to buy it now!